8 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Comfortably (And How To Treat Them)

Struggling with sleep can be one of the most energy-draining things for you and your whole body. However, everyone should keep one thing in mind, there’s always a reason behind whatever is happening around you. Keeping in line with that, we have brought you some important points on what could be the possible reasons behind your restlessness and inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep and how to deal with them. So, scroll below, and read till the end to take back charge of your mental health and physical fitness.

Disturbed Sleep Cycle

There’s no denying the fact that the man of today has become more advanced and fast-paced than the one in history. However, there are many issues that come along with this advancement and fast-forwardness. Among them, one can be named a disturbed sleep cycle, which leads to struggling with sleep. So, the only solution to this is to work on fixing your sleep cycle. This can be done in many ways, like sleeping early, trying to sleep more at night than during the day, going to bed and waking up at the same time, and so on.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

After having a disturbed sleep cycle, the next reason for struggling with sleep can be your unhealthy lifestyle. This also includes following an unhealthy routine. Such lifestyle choices may roughly range from eating more junk food than healthy and organic ones, gaining weight, sitting all day long instead of exercising, maintaining a high sugar intake, and a lot more. So, to wave goodbye to restlessness while sleeping, make sure to work on improving the way you live.

With the passage of time, if not quickly, it will fix a lot of things for you that will last longer instead of for a short time. One option is to consult with sleepclinicservices.com. This website provides a variety of resources and information on sleep disorders and how to treat them. They also have a forum where you can talk to other people who are also experiencing sleeplessness.

Excessive Use Of Digital Screens

Now, after reading the heading, you might say, “is it not obvious that using digital screens is no longer something we can choose or drop for ourselves?”

Yes, you are absolutely right in saying so.

However, we can take control of the ways we interact with digital screens, especially when struggling with sleep. By this, we mean that regardless of how much you have to stick to your laptop screen, you still can develop a healthy relationship with such gadgets. For example, not using your mobile when in free time, preparing yourself to relax and putting your cell phone away one hour before bedtime, not having a TV in your bedroom, taking some healthy breaks during work, etc. This will help you give your nerves a relaxing feeling and fall asleep naturally without having to struggle for it.

Lack Of Peaceful Environment

The type of environment you sleep in matters a lot and, if not maintained properly, can lead to struggling with sleep. There are many reasons that can contribute to noisy or uncomfortable surroundings. These include too much light in the room, a not-so-comfy bed, noise from the surroundings, or even your snoring. So, the best solution to all this is to switch off all the lights, put up light blinds, shut the door to cancel noise, and use a lymphatic drainage ring for comfortable sleep.

Certain Medications

The next reason behind your struggling with sleep can be the medications your doctor might have suggested to you. There are many medicines that, while treating your other ailments, can result in a lack of sleep. All you have got to do is do some basic research and find out if the medicine you are using is the reason behind restlessness. And if yes, consult your doctor on which are the perfect options for you other than this.

Due To Chronic Stress

If not treated or taken care of, stress can extract the whole life out of your mind, body, and soul. So, yes, it is very much a possible cause behind you struggling with sleep. You can choose many workable options for yourself to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff roaming in your mind. These include journaling to vent out your thoughts, trying breathing exercises, going for a daily morning walk, doing a much-needed stretch before bedtime, doing yoga, and the list keeps going.

Something Traumatic In The Past

Unlike how everyone perceives, your traumas are not just something that happened in the past. In fact, they can keep affecting the present and the foreseeable future. So, if you are struggling with sleep, then the possible reason can be something really traumatic you have gone through in the past. Try to talk to someone you trust, share how everything is still affecting you, and adopt a mindset that reminds you to be gentle with yourself.

An Underlying Health Problem

Lastly, struggling with sleep can be simply because of an underlying health problem. So, the best way is to simply consult your professional health provider instead of the other way around.

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