7 Common Misconceptions About CBD Busted

Are you exploring the possibility of introducing cannabinoids into your healthcare regimen?

Perhaps you’re having hesitation because of the contradictory and confusing information everywhere.

There are various common misconceptions about the use of CBD inhibiting many people from taking the plunge to benefit from this wonder herb. Luckily, this article seeks to bust 7 of these common CBD misconceptions.

Differs by cannabis plant

All CBD is the same regardless of the type of cannabis plant where it’s derived from. It is true that CBD percentage of dry weight in hemp plants is lower than specially bred cannabis plants.

After the oil is extracted, there are negligible differences. The body just benefits from the oil without minding about the CBD origin.

CBD, other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and other natural constituents interact with the endocannabinoid system. This regulates multiple vital functions while encouraging homeostasis.

Makes you get high

It is not true that you get high after consuming CBD oil. The hemp plant naturally contains traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This is a psychoactive compound in other cannabis plants to produce a euphoric effect. Hemp is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3 percent THC per dry weight.

This is 33 times less than a cannabis strain with the lowest potency to cause euphoria. Apart from being non-psychoactive, CBD reduces the euphoric effects of THC.

Only safe for adults

Everyone can take CBD oil including kids and pets. Research indicates that CBD oil is safe and tolerated by children.

It has proved to be very helpful in managing conditions such as severe epilepsy disorders without causing any side effects.

The best CBD companies  make completely non-psychoactive hemp oil safe for the whole family. However, you have to talk to a holistic physician before incorporating CBD in your healthcare regimen.

Illegal without a prescription

Use of CBD oil is legal under U.S. federal law. The federal controlled substance act excludes CBD oil derived from imported hemp

This law makes other cannabis plants with consequent extracts illegal. You can purchase CBD oil legally and use it to your liking regardless of whether you have a prescription or not.

State laws differ and each state might have own laws governing the use of hemp-derived CBD. So, you have to check out the relevant cannabinoid laws in your state.

All CBD products are the same

It is wrong to believe that all hemp oil products are the same. Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds only for a nutritious supplement rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

However, it does not have CBD. Alternatively, CBD oil is extracted from hemp stalks rich in CBD. To make the most from the healing effects of CBD, ensure to get hemp oil with CBD and other cannabinoids.

CBD is sedative

You have already noticed how CBD won’t get you high. So, it won’t knock you out as well yet many people believe it’s sedative.

CBD manages sleep disorders including insomnia and lessens stress by offering a relaxing and calming effect. However, it lacks the active ingredient in certain cannabis strains offering sedative properties resulting from myrcene.

The effect of CBD on the rain and receptors depends on the dosage. A higher dose is necessary to get the calming and relaxing effects of CBD oil.

A lower dose is for creating feelings of alertness. It is wrong to believe that you’ll end up completely stoned or asleep on your desk after a few CBD oil drops. Even higher doses are less likely to create such reactions.  

You might fail a drug test

Finally, using CBD oil won’t make you fail a drug test as most people believe because CBD doesn’t make you high. Perhaps this has been preventing you from taking the plunge to benefit from this wonderful medicinal herb.

There is nothing to be worried about supplementing with CBD products  to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Final thought

Many people have realized the immense medicinal benefits of CBD. Busting the myths above will help you realize the truth about the use of CBD products.

This herb won’t make you high, is legal, not sedative, and safe for the whole family including dogs and cats. It is high time considered benefiting from CBD oil by choosing a reputable brand with a range of appropriate products.

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