5 Ways To Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

The rate at which diseases related to the heart spread across the globe if you don’t have one think yourself lucky. And pat your back for successfully leading a healthy lifestyle than others.

Backing this up, nearly 420 Million+ people suffer from some type of bad cardiovascular health problem, which eventually leads to a much complex issue that often leads to death.

And it doesn’t stop here.

According to the reports by some reputed institutions, humans have suffered more cardiovascular problems in the last 100 years than ever.

And this fact is only expected to rise at an alarming rate.

The way everyone lives their life, we are always on the verge of having a heart-related disease.

The increase in the consumption of junk food and pastries has made few communities’ diets worse than ever.

And all this combined over a long period introduces some of the most complex cardiovascular problems you can know of.

Since the heart is the powerhouse of the body, anything happening to it will cause some serious trouble.

It is the main organ that purifies the blood, and most of the people who don’t practice medicine don’t even know what all chronic problems can happen if your heart is not working usually.

So, feel lucky if you don’t have anything till now, and if you are on the verge of it, stay cautious than ever and take care of your temple-like body healthy more than ever.

What must be done

Prevention is better than cure, and indeed it is the only thing that you can do to save yourself.

Heart diseases are generally not genetic except a few, and most of them can be easily avoided by tweaking our life a little.

Most people think that leading a healthy lifestyle means running 10kms a day and eating veggies 30 times a week. This is wrong, and we must know that reality is often easier than we think.

So let’s not waste time and jump onto the main topic and see what all you can or must do if you are on the verge of having a heart problem or are facing one right now. You can also seek professional assistance from a heart health specialist by visiting regenmedky.com. The treatments available on this website give you the best chance of lowering your risk of heart disease.


Quit smoking

If you are thinking of starting doing it, drop it. If you are already doing it, Stop it.

This is because smoking is probably the only thing in this world that comes with its risk printed on the covers and large banners, and still, people do it just because it feels good.

Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of heart attacks around the world, and people are continuously facing their untimely demise because of this more than ever.

To give you a straight fact, people who smoke have a 2x probability of having a heart-related issue than the ones who don’t smoke.

Now imagine in a world where non-smokers are not secured; what will happen if you are a smoker that too who leads a very unhealthy diet life.

And to add to all this, smokers have more than double the time possibility to die if they are ever stuck with a heart attack.

This means if you are a smoker, your probability to suffer and eventually die is 2x more than anyone who doesn’t smoke.

Decrease cholesterol levels in your body

Having an unhealthy diet often leads to high cholesterol levels. And therefore, you must regularly check on your levels since an over-average amount of cholesterol is bad for your cardiovascular health.

And one of the most common problems faced by people who are having a very high cholesterol level in their body is a blockage in the arteries.

But don’t worry, not all cholesterol is bad for you.

Some of it, like good cholesterol, is necessary for our body, and lacking it, we may face other issues. To make you more educated, below are the levels you must watch out for:-

  • “good” cholesterol level should be more than 40
  • “bad” cholesterol level should be less than 160
  • Total cholesterol level must be less than 200
  • Triglycerides should be less than 150

Check Out the Biological Benefits Of Exercise

Be active and exercise

Staying inactive can be one more reason why your heart is lazy, just like you.

And that is why everyone asks you to be active and go for jogs. Even if you don’t want to jog, just walk around in your house itself the whole time.

You will be surprised how your small efforts have piled to become a large positive point for your body.

Start a healthy diet

Start eating healthy and decrease your carb consumption as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean you must leave your favourite food item.

If someone says that either, they are exaggerating the stuff or you must be going from a serious stage of heart disease.

But mostly, having a few cheat meals here and there won’t make much difference.

You must eat your hearts out at least once or maybe twice a month; otherwise, your mental state may get affected.

You will feel a lot of stress and end up breaking the healthy diet chain after a few days and start consuming junk food with no limits.

So, never starve yourself of your favourite food. Always limit it to a safer level.

Stop stressing out

If you have a job that stresses you out a lot, it’s not just about bad cardiovascular health; it will affect your whole body.

Continuing a job that constantly budges you from enjoying life must be resigned at once. After all your life > money.

In cases where situations are creating a hassle in your life, you have two options.

Stop lazying around and start working to solve the issues.

And the second thing will be to reduce the stress that you take out of the situation and breath it out.

Because stressing will only make things worse for both you and your work.

And to tell you how bad stressing is, you have almost two times more probability of getting a cardiovascular health disease if you stress a lot than a normal person who doesn’t.

What else can you do?

In addition to all the steps mentioned above, you can continually educate yourself more.

Extra knowledge will never harm you is always true wherever you are in the world.

So never stop educating yourselves about the issues that matter.

Always go and hunt for knowledge from blogs like Mdforlives, etc.

Read the articles, note down important steps in them. In the end, the blogs mentioned on Mdforlives are made to educate people more on health-related issues.

And furthermore, you can always spread your knowledge to others who will spread it to a few others and in this way you will educate this whole society.