5 Things You Never Thought About Dental Implants

Losing any of your teeth affects appearance and oral health. If you don’t get a replacement, the remaining teeth might begin shifting into the open space.

This makes them prone to damage and fractures. After your teeth has shifted, biting becomes misaligned leading to problems with the jaw joint.

Missing root is likely to make the jawbone begin to deteriorate making your remaining teeth prone to further loss. Luckily, getting dental implants might solve all this.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best choice to replace the missing tooth, with a 95 percent success rate. This is because implants replace the tooth and root to protect the integrity of the jawbone and remaining teeth.

The new root is titanium post integrating with the bone after the healing period creating a stable foundation for the new tooth. The new tooth is made from a premium porcelain crown custom designed to match your remaining teeth while complementing your natural smile.

The new tooth will function just like a natural tooth. You will eat and chew properly, although you have to brush and floss as you do with natural teeth. This new tooth is very durable and can potentially last a lifetime with appropriate care and regular visits to a dental implant dentist.

This makes implants a worthy investment for oral health.

Getting dental implants and dentures

When struggling with multiple missing teeth, a Spruce Grove dentist  can use dental implants to support dentures, dental bridges, or partial dentures.

An implant for supporting dentures offers a more secure fit. You will forget about the denture moving or slipping while talking or chewing.

With the denture snapped securely into the implant, it creates a stable foundation while keeping your jawbone health and stimulated.

Bridges are a good option to replace teeth adjacent to each other.

A highly skilled dentist at a reputable Spruce Grove dental clinic will offer you comprehensive implant dentistry services to meet your requirements.

The dentist is experienced with advanced training to place implants to give patients a better smile.

Why get dental implants?

Improved speech

Dental implants are a good solution to improve speech. Missing a front tooth is likely to make it hard for you to speak properly.

The missing tooth or teeth is likely to make you get a bit of lisp. Getting an implant will restore your speech.

You will now speak like before the tooth was removed. Therefore, getting dental implants is a great idea to improve speech.

Very comfortable

Apart from being very comfortable, dental implants  look and feel like natural teeth.

You will never feel the difference between the implant and your natural teeth.

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Perhaps you were thinking about getting dentures. These might seem pocket friendly but you are likely to take long before getting used to them.

Keep in mind that dentures might be uncomfortable for some weeks before you finally get used to them.

Luckily, implants will feel natural immediately after placement.  

Make eating easy

Eating with some teeth missing is very hard. You are likely to avoid some of your favorite food.

Fortunately, getting dental implants makes eating to become easy better than dentures.

After placement, you have to learn how to eat with them for some time until you get used.

This might require starting with eating only soft foods until you get used to the dentures before eating hard foods again.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and you are likely to have the same eating experience as just like before your tooth was extracted.

Boost self esteem

It is not easy being in public with missing teeth. Fortunately, getting dental implants  placed will make your self esteem to soar.

Living with gaps in your teeth significantly affects your level of confidence.

Getting implants placed is the best solution to boost your self esteem.

With implants, you will enjoy eating and talking comfortably just like with natural teeth.


There is no need to worry about how long the implants will last. A professional dentist will get you quality implants that might last as your natural teeth.

You will have to carry on your regular oral hygiene routine to keep your teeth in good condition.

Additionally, you have to keep going for your regular dental check up to ensure your natural teeth and implants are in good condition.

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Bottom line

The worst thing that can happen to you is losing a tooth or teeth.

You will significantly lose your confidence since everyone can notice the gap in your teeth.

Fortunately, a visit to a Spruce Grove dental clinic for implants is a good idea.

Apart from restoring your speech, you will always smile and eat comfortably with implants in place.

However, you need good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for a checkup to your remaining natural teeth and implants in good condition.

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