5 Steps to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

Preparing for plastic surgery is exciting and stressful, especially if someone has never undergone a procedure. Proper preparation will help ensure the surgery and recovery processes proceed smoothly. Although the plastic surgeon will prepare instructions for their patients, taking the information below into account will help people go through the process without complications.

Five Steps to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

How people prepare for plastic surgery will determine how well it goes and how their recovery proceeds. No one wants to end up with infections or experience a long recovery time. In addition to securing the top plastic surgeons utah, patients should consider the following steps for preparing for surgery.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The body needs proper nutrients to help it recover from any surgery. Patients should avoid consuming foods that are packed with sugar and lack nutrients. Your body needs plenty of protein, iron, and other nutrients to help heal. Individuals should begin eating a healthy diet six to eight weeks before surgery. They must continue this diet throughout the recovery process until they heal completely.

Individuals should also avoid drinking excessive alcohol. Too much alcohol can have a blood thinning effect, which could contribute to the patient bleeding or bruising more during and after cosmetic surgery. Making these changes before the surgery will protect the patient’s health.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is bad for your health. It affects the way the blood circulates and its oxygen levels. The human body needs unrestricted blood flow and plenty of oxygen for healing. Patients must inform their doctors about any smoking habits. The surgeon will require the patient to stop smoking for at least six to eight weeks before and after the procedure. Individuals should avoid all forms of tobacco and nicotine gum until they heal.

Maintain Fitness

Although movement is essential for healing, patients should not start an intense workout just before or after their plastic surgery procedure. Avoid any exercises that could lead to injuries. Your surgeon will determine the best fitness routine throughout the healing process. Pay attention to the surgeon’s instructions to avoid any complications with healing.

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Get Supplies

Depending on the surgery, there will be necessary supplies, such as bandages, pain relief medications, and comfy pillows. Many people stock up on movies and books to help them through the healing time. Just remember that laughing can cause pain, so avoid movies that make you laugh out loud. Having meals planned is also beneficial for recovery.

Secure Help

Surgical patients need a responsible adult to stay with them for 24 hours. They will need a ride home because of the anesthesia and may need help with household cleaning chores and other duties throughout their recovery. Securing support well before the surgery will give patients peace of mind.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Those intent on pursuing plastic surgery must first schedule a consultation appointment with the surgeon. The surgeon will examine the patient to determine their needs and the best surgical approach.

Preparation is vital before the surgery. During recovery, patients will not be able to handle all the aspects of preparation. Getting everything in line well before the surgery will give patients peace of mind and allow them to rest during recovery without worrying about daily chores or having the things they need.