5 Necessary tips to use pediatric crowns kit: Expectation vs Reality

The most common oral problem that kids face is the problem of tooth decay. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tooth decay affects 70% of the kids aged between 2 and 5 years of age.

It also states that 1 in 5 children aged between 5 and 11 years carry one untreated decayed tooth. By the time they start their kindergarten, 40% of the kids have dental cavities.

Pediatric dentists help in taking care of kids’ teeth, gums, and mouth at different stages of their childhood. Dentists use pediatric crowns to restore their teeth.

Here are the five essential tips for using pediatric crowns:

1.) Use Pediatric crown for Baby Teeth


It is a common assumption people have that kids don’t need to take care of the baby milking teeth as they will fall off eventually.


Truth is baby teeth are vital. They hold space for permanent teeth that grow under the gums in the jaws.

If a baby tooth loses early, then the permanent teeth can drift from its place and will be difficult for other teeth to find space when they come in.

It makes the tooth appear crowded and crooked. That’s why it’s important to start kids’ oral care early. It saves oral issues in the future, like the need for braces to straighten the crowded.

Pediatric crowns kit made of all-porcelain material looks better aesthetically, giving a better arrangement to the anterior tooth.

Also, the use of temporary stainless steel crowns allows the crowns to shed off when the baby tooth falls, thus serving a dual purpose of protecting the baby teeth and safely paving the way for the permanent teeth.

2.) Use Pediatric crowns to protect kids from frequent dental procedures


Often parents don’t feel the importance of taking their kids to the dentist with their baby teeth. They wait until their baby teeth fall, and permanent teeth start to grow.


The right time to see a pediatric dentist is when the baby’s teeth start to appear. Get your child checked by a pediatric dentist to see if there are any signs of carries.

In case the dentist detects dental caries, the kids undergo dental procedures using a dental sedation technique. Too much sedation is also not good for the baby’s health.

Therefore, pediatric crowns like zirconia protect the teeth by preventing from any decay. Increase the life of the child’s teeth by grouping a set of teeth with multiple crowns.

The better the child’s teeth protection, the lesser visits to the dental clinic.

3.) Use Pediatric crowns to fight off tooth decay over the long term


The most common assumption that people make is that sugar is the root cause of all the dental problems of a child.


Though this assumption is not wrong, it is not entirely right, either. Tooth decay happens not just by eating sugar, but the amount of time sugar stays on your tooth’s surface.

The more prolonged sugar stays in the mouth, the bacteria feed on it, which starts to erode the tooth enamel, which makes the teeth prone to dental caries.

Using a pediatric crown can prevent the decaying of enamel. It protects the teeth from decaying over the long term.

4.) Use Pediatric crown for preventing plaque formation


The assumption is kids need a pediatric crown once plaque starts showing up on their teeth.


The baby teeth have thinner enamel than permanent teeth. It is essential to protect the baby’s teeth until the permanent teeth show up.

If the baby’s teeth have a severe case of caries, then the dentist would remove it instead of putting a crown on it.

Placing a crown preserves the remaining teeth from getting infected. It also prevents the spread of decay to other teeth and the adjacent teeth too.

Therefore, the use of pediatric crowns helps in preventing tooth decay.

5.) Use Pediatric crown for proper speech development and healthy permanent teeth


There is a myth surrounding baby teeth that they are only for a short span, and they are not that important.


A baby’s teeth are essential in the development of proper speech patterns. According to this article, a baby’s teeth can stay till the age of 12 years, which means it is crucial to protect them from any harmful infection.

Installing temporary stainless steel crowns over the baby teeth will keep your baby’s milk teeth protected for a long time.

The crown will come out automatically when the baby teeth fall, giving space to grow healthy permanent teeth. Thus, by using the pediatric crown, kids can speak more confidently and don’t have to go through orthodontic treatment.


The above points are the five essential tips to use the pediatric crown. It is an excellent way to treat the infected teeth and restore it.

It is also necessary that as a parent, you teach kids the right oral care routine to prevent any complications in the future.

Brushing twice a day, regular flossing, and using good fluoride toothpaste will help in retaining healthy baby teeth for long.

Including calcium supplements and calcium-rich foods will ensure that they have healthy gums and teeth.

Image Credit: Authority Dental under CC 2.0

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