5 Muscles Building Supplements That Work Like Steroids

We live in a competitive world of fitness and bodybuilding where using muscle building supplements has become a necessity.

Nevertheless, gaining lean muscles and burning calories requires a good combination of cardio workouts and weight training.

Steroids are known to produce effective and fast results, but they are notorious for adverse side effects.

Steroids Canada is prescribed by a physician in treating problems like delayed puberty and boosting testosterone.

The good news is, there are bodybuilding supplements that mimic steroids.

Unlike banned anabolic steroids, these bodybuilding supplements are 100% legal, and you can use them without a doctor’s prescription.

Let’s have a look at five best muscle building supplements that mimic steroids.

1.) Trenorol

Source: crazybulk.com

Trenorol offers amazing androgenic effects. You can enjoy substantial muscle gains with enhanced strength and muscle power.

Other advantages of Trenorol is fast healing and amazing physical conditioning.

Trenorol is suitable for use during cutting and bulking phases of bodybuilding plan.

The supplement is implemented to make your muscles tissues retain more nitrogen and more protein, which accelerate fat burning and muscle gains.

Nitrogen is among the building blocks of protein.

Trenorol boosts red blood cell production, and as a result, extra oxygen is pumped into your muscles for more power and strength during workouts.

More so, increased red blood cells give you vascularity with more muscle gain and less water retention.

For maximum gain, take three capsules of Trenorol per day with water, about 40 minutes before workouts.

2.) D-Bal

Source: crazybulk.com

D-BAL is a powerful formulation that helps in creating the ultimate anabolic state.

More so, it promotes fast muscle size and strength gain. If you want to achieve improved muscle mass and enhanced muscle gains and strength, then D-Bal is the ultimate solution.

It’s well documented that nitrogen is a vital component of protein.

The higher the amount of nitrogen stored in your body, the higher the level of protein.

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Protein is responsible for building and repairing your body muscles. By taking D-Bal, you will build more muscles.

You’re required to take three capsules every day, about 45 minutes before exercise.

3.) Testo-Max

Source: crazybulk.com

Testo-Max is among the best supplements that will boost your testosterone.

The supplement features a myriad of ingredients that are scientifically backed-up.

Some of the elements include D-Aspartic Acid, which enhances the level of testosterone in the body.

The combination of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 increases muscle strength and IGF-1- which is an insulin growth factor.

The supplement mimics the effects of the steroid Sustanon.

By using the supplement, you will gain huge muscles, have super strength and stamina, as well as enhanced sex drive.

It delivers rapid and effective results.

Each bottle of Testo-Max has 30 capsules. It’s recommended you take four tablets about 20 minutes before taking breakfast.

4.) DecaDuro

Source: crazybulk.com

DecaDuro is a legal, potent, and safe alternative to popular steroid for bodybuilding; Deca-Durabolin.

The supplements have an advanced anabolic formulation which enhances the production of red blood cells, improves nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis.

Furthermore, this powerful bodybuilding supplements soothes sore joints and aches.

If you want to improve strength and endurance, fast recovery, and a joint pain reliever, then DecaDuro is right for you.

To achieve the best results, combine the supplement with a good workout regime, and clean eating habits.

DecaDuro encourages the retention of nitrogen, which is a significant protein building block.

Your muscles will also store more oxygen, which is vital in building muscles.

It means you will generate more protein, which helps you in building more muscles.

It toughens connective tissues which give you relief from nagging joint pains.

You’re required to take three pills a day with water before working out- approximately 45 minutes prior.

5.) Anadrole

Source: crazybulk.com

Anadrole is formulated to mimic the functionality of powerful and effective steroid; Anadrol.

Anadrole enhances the production of red blood cells, which allows more oxygen to reach your muscles.

The maximum supply of oxygen derails the onset of fatigue, making you work out for long.

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It’s ideal for achieving maximum strength and stamina, as well as quick recovery.

For better results, you can combine Anadrole with Trenorol, D-Bal, and DecaDuro.

The red blood cells play a critical role in supplying your body with oxygen.

Lack of enough oxygen will make you tired during workouts, hindering you from achieving your bodybuilding goals.

Anadrole boost the production of red blood cells. As a result, you will be able to handle intense workouts for long and without feeling fatigued.

Take two pills with water approximately 20 minutes before you take your breakfast.


Building solid muscles requires a lot of dedication, and it will take a while.

With the above supplements, you will be able to speed up the process without facing the side effects of steroids.

The formulations include natural ingredients that do not have side effects. Enjoy your bodybuilding goals!

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