5 Amazing Ways to Feel More Confident

Who doesn’t want to be more confident nowadays? Not that there is something wrong with being shy but looking at all these stars, plastered on our screens, everyone desires to be like them.

While we may think that it is hard to be as confident as the people we see on TV; it isn’t. All it needs is some hard work and commitment.

Know that confidence comes from within, you don’t have to measure your confidence as compared to someone else, and you can be your kind of confident.

Remember that it takes time and till you think you’re ready for something; don’t let anyone push you into situations that you aren’t prepared for. Here mentioned below are a few tips that can help you come off as more confident.

1.) Posture

While it is human nature to be anxious, there are a few tricks that you can use to feel more confident. The first thing that you should do when you meet someone is to give them a firm handshake and try to make eye contact.

The way you carry yourself is a significant indicator of how confident you are. Remember to hold your head high, shoulders straight and tummy in.

Slouching is very off-putting and gives off the wrong vibe. You need to be in control of the situation, especially if you’re in an interview.

Even in a random meeting, you should carry yourself with grace and composure. When you meet new people, you need to make a good impression, so they listen to what you say.

More often than not, people tend to give more value to those people who are more confident, even if they’re not right. In order to make sure you are heard, you’ll have to improve your non-verbal cues.

2.) Being comfortable in your skin

One way to feel more confident is to be comfortable in your own skin. A lot of people aspire to be like models and actors on the television screen.

While idealizing someone isn’t something bad, and you should try to adopt good things from other people, you should also be comfortable in your skin.

Know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Even if you look at Hollywood, you can see the actress and models of different colors having different body types.

Winnie Harlow, Shantelle brown are a few names that prove that confidence is within you. I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of celebrities that otherwise fit the standard of “perfection” but aren’t happy in their lives.

This proves that it isn’t the size or colour that matters; happiness and confidence are an attitude you have to adopt.

3.) Dressing the part

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying” if you look good, you feel good. I’m sure all of you had that day when you didn’t feel great in the morning, but wearing a nice outfit and doing your makeup cheered you up. This has happened to me plenty of times.

As we all aspire to be more than what we are, we should dress for the job we want not the job that we have. If you want to excel in your career, you need to show everyone that the way you carry yourself indicates that you can lead.

I have always found that red lipstick intimidates people, it gives a bold aura in women, and well-suited men seem to give a powerful stance.

The way you dress, what you wear, and how you wear it says a great deal about your personality. While people may think, having loads of money to splurge is the goal here, which is wrong.

You need to be smart and dress according to what suits you better and makes you feel comfortable, once you do that and develop your own sense of style, there’s no holding you back.

4.) Being calm and contained

Another way of being more confident is to look at the rational aspects of things and not let emotions take over. While emotions are natural, one should have a calm and contained manner while interacting with other people.

Confident people tend to look beyond emotions and deal with anything that comes their way. While this does not mean that one isn’t allowed to feel anything, it means you know the right time to let everything out.

Recently we’ve seen Kendall Jenner go public about her anxiety; however, none of us could imagine that she had such a hard time if we judged her by her performance on the ramp.

A great way to attain that calm demeanor is to meditate. While it may seem hard, in the beginning, your thoughts may wander off to different places; it gets easier with time.

A natural way you increase your focus is to look into cannabis. I found the weed strain gas mask to work wonders for me.

5.) Listen to motivational speakers

One great way to feel more confident is to condition you towards positive thinking. Rather than listening to Taylor Swift or Pink on your way to work, listen to different motivational speakers that can make you believe in yourself.

Confidence has to be created and gathered, there isn’t a switch that anyone can turn on.

For example, I follow Jay Shetty and Bear Grylls. Listening to them has helped me grow into a more confident person. While in the beginning, you might doubt and second guess the things that these people say, I advise you to be open-minded, accepting and ready to work on their advice.

If you’ve read, the tips mentioned above, you now have a list of things that can increase your confidence. All you have to do is gather the courage to act on it.

While it may seem weird in the beginning, and you might not feel up to it, as it is often hard to step out of one’s comfort zone, you need to stay consistent and committed.

The tips have worked wonders for me, and I hope they help you out too. If you think other tips have helped you in your journey of becoming more confident, feel free to mention in the comments below.

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