10 Blunders committed by Mothers while Bottle feeding their babies!

It is both age-old phenomena and present-day medical community’s recommendation to exclusively breastfeed the newborn for at-least six months. However, in several cases, breastfeeding is not practical for all mothers owing to factors such as insufficient breast milk production, medical issues, hectic work schedule, or just personal choice. In such a scenario, mothers have to resort to bottle feeding. It is a challenging task to get the baby used to consume milk from a bottle and in this patience-testing exercise mothers often ending up committing mistakes is avoidable.

Here is the list of Ten bottle feeding errors commonly commited by mothers:  

1.) Unsafe/ low-quality bottles:   One common error which most mothers make is in a choice of feeding bottles. Attractive cute bottles are arguably hard to resist, and in this fancy mothers often forget to pay attention to the material the bottle is made of! It is imperative that mothers choose substance over style and ensure that the bottle is not made of any low-grade substance or does not have the tendency to turn toxic in case hot milk or any liquid is poured in it.

2.) Improper flow from bottle’s nipple: The outlet in the nipple of the bottle can surely be a tricky issue for mothers. A wide holed nipple will increase the flow of the milk which can result in overfeeding and or even choke the baby! On the other hand, a small nipple in the bottle can result in underfeeding leading to malnutrition in the baby. To overcome this issue, the mother should first invert the bottle to check the flow of the milk. The ideal flow would be that the milk flows only when nipple sucked.

3.) Waking up the baby to feed: Following a routine for the baby is highly advisable but just to meet deadlines, mothers wake up their snoozing babies to feed, this might in-fact hamper the baby’s health! Mothers should feed the baby only when it is hungry. Force feeding may result in digestive disorders in the baby.

10 Blunders committed by Mothers while Bottle feeding their babies! 3

4.) Microwaving the milk: Hectic daily routine compels mothers to opt for convenience and time-saving options. But such choices should be made weighing its pros and cons. Microwaving the milk is anticipated to break down the nutrients in the milk formula and impact its nutritional capabilities. It is always recommended to warm the milk by pouring in a feeding bottle and then immersing it in warm water. It is the most natural and safe way of heating the milk.

5.) Improper sterilization of feeding bottles: Sterilizing the bottle is the most crucial task for every mother. Owing to the high frequency of feeding demands of the baby in a day, mothers tend to develop a lackadaisical attitude towards sterilizing the bottle before every feed. Improper cleaning of the bottle can have repercussions for the baby.

The infant’s immunity is not strong in initial months and exposing the baby to any bacteria or microbe in the bottle can increase the risk of developing serious health issues in Newborn.

Always give priority to sterilizing the bottle before every feed!

A quick although a slightly expensive alternative to escape sterilizing bottles before every feed is to opt for sterile and ready-to-use single-use bottles or disposable bottles. There is no need for cleaning prior to first use of the bottle. These bottles are ideal for travel, hectic work schedules, and late night feeds.

6.) Leaving the baby unattended while bottle feeding: In an attempt to multi-task, mothers let the baby hold the bottle by itself. This is dangerous as the baby might hold the bottle at a wrong angle leading to choking! Never leave the baby unattended or let baby hold the bottle by itself. 

10 Blunders committed by Mothers while Bottle feeding their babies! 2

7.) Mixing fresh milk with old milk: Often babies leave their bottle unfinished. For the next feed, mothers tend to pour the new milk on the leftover milk. Leftover milk kept over even an hour or two can develop bacteria which are unsafe for baby’s consumption. To avoid any health issue for the baby, mothers must ensure baby always consumes fresh milk from the sterilized bottles.

8.) Expecting the baby to finish the entire bottle: Mothers have ambitious targets regarding the health and the physical development of their babies. They believe that feeding more will make the baby grow faster and be healthier. Mothers need to chuck out these perceptions and gauge the baby’s natural appetite to ensure sufficient feed. Mothers should not expect the baby to finish the bottle in every feed. Urging the baby to finish the entire bottle may backfire and create digestive disorders in the baby.

9.) The improper posture of the baby: Many mothers feed the baby in a horizontal position which can make the milk leak and seep into baby’s ears! It is also likely to cause choking. Make the baby sit upright with back support while bottle feeding. 

10.) Skipping burping exercise: Babies have a weak digestive system which makes them prone to digestive flatulence. It is essential to rub the baby’s back after every feed to ensure that the baby burps and the gas escapes. Follow up the Skipping the burping exercise in a routine may help in reducing the stomach discomfort/ pain to the baby due to the digestive flatulence.

That’s all about the 10 Blunders committed by Mothers while Bottle feeding their babies!