When Do You Need Help of a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy is successfully used for treating a wide variety of health conditions. During the procedure, therapists manipulate the soft tissues of the body.

This results in relieving pain, reducing stress and achieving relaxation. Massage also helps recover from sports injuries, get rid of anxiety and improve your overall health.

In fact, people of all ages can benefit from massage therapy. Keep in mind that therapy will be safe and effective only if it is provided by a highly trained professional. 

Massage therapy has almost no serious risks and side effects says to Empower Physical Rehab.

However, vigorous massage is not recommended for people with skin infections, healing wounds, fractures, weakened bones and bleeding disorders.

Do you want to undergo massage therapy but still not sure whether it will be beneficial for you? Keep on reading the article to find out when a massage therapist can really help you.  

You Struggle with Stress

Doctors and the team at Kaizen Health Group agree that stress has a detrimental effect on human health.

Stress can significantly weaken the immune system and leads to serious health problems including sleep disorders, heart disease, fatigue, depression as well as high blood pressure.

Massage will definitely help you cope with stress.

The procedure performed by an experienced massage therapist helps to rebalance your hormones and release muscle tension.

The scientific study reveals that massage therapy reduces stress hormone levels by 30%.

Plus, it increases dopamine and serotonin levels by 21 and 28% respectively.

Dopamine and serotonin are known to be neurotransmitters that regulate a lot of important functions in the body.

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You Suffer from Headaches

If you have to deal with headaches more often than you usually do, you should see a massage therapist.

Headaches may occur due to many reasons.

Tension that builds up in your shoulders, neck and trapezius muscles is likely to cause severe headache.

This is when massage therapy works well and provides effective results.

A professional massage therapist at Lavallee Health Centre will relax your muscles during the procedure.

This will help you increase blood flow to your head and reduce headache.

People, who suffer from migraines, should also visit a massage therapist.

The massage works well in such situations and help patients relieve migraine symptoms.

You Live a Sedentary Lifestyle

Having a desk job and sitting most of the time may seem harmless at first.. However, things are more serious than you might think. 

According to the opinions of doctors, sitting too much can cause serious health problems over time.

People, who live a sedentary lifestyle, have an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, gastritis, hemorrhoids and other health issues.

Sitting too long is bad for your back and legs. It’s also important to note that the lack of physical activity contributes greatly to weight gain.

If you find it hard to change your lifestyle, there is still something you can do to improve your health condition.

Visit a massage therapist on a regular basis in order to relax your muscles, boost blood circulation and improve spinal health.

You Can’t Sleep Well

A lot of people experience sleeping problems from time to time. But an ongoing lack of sleep is very harmful to human health.

It can turn a nice and friendly person into an angry and depressed one. Plus, lack of sleep is often associated with heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and even obesity.

Having a normal sleep schedule is extremely important. If you find it hard to fall asleep, think about undergoing massage therapy.

The massage will relax your muscles, reduce stress hormone levels and make it much easier for you to have a better and deeper sleep.

You Have Never Had a Massage

Even if you have no health concerns at the moment, a professional massage would be beneficial to you as well.

Professional massage therapists usually recommend having a massage at least once a month.

Regular massages will help you boost your immunity and prevent serious health problems in the future.