What Kind of Light Therapy is Suitable for You?

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, it was hard for us to imagine how fragile our bodies are. We take our healthy lives for granted.

But in reality, we have to always work on our health to keep ourselves healthy. The outbreak only proved that we are supposed to take care of ourselves more.

With the development of technology, we have come to a comfortable position as human beings. But we can take it further.

Studies have shown that light therapy can help restore our immune systems. And we have only come to understand the importance of our immune system after the Novel Pandemic broke out.

So, how can you protect your body using light therapy?

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, uses different light that penetrates our skin to give us nutrients that we usually do not get.

Before you go on and get yourself into light therapy, you need to understand which is the best light therapy for you.

Today we are going to introduce you to different light therapies with which you and your health might benefit.

You must note that there are different kinds of light treatments out there used for various reasons.

And there are more benefits of using light therapy than just keeping our immune system in check.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is usually used to improve the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and some additional maladies by exhibiting our skin and body to a particular device’s artificial light.

While you are getting light treatment, you sit or do something you like near a tool called a light therapy device.

The tool or equipment will transmit bright light that usually mimics natural outdoor light.

Light therapy is deemed to alter chemicals in the brain associated with sleep and mood.

It eases off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms like that.

Using a premium light therapy device can be complicated, or it can be straightforward; it all depends on whether you can find your right match.

So, let us look at some of the light therapies so that you can see which suits you without further ado.

1. Infrared Light Therapy

We have all had heat lamps or at least seen one.

The light that transmits from these devices is infrared.

It radiates heat and provides some benefits for our health, according to numerous studies:

  • It helps us to get relief from pain in the joints, nerves, muscles.
  • It helps to improve our body’s immunity to cancer cells.
  • It helps our wounds heal at a much faster rate.
  • It helps to cut body fat significantly.

If the benefits provided by this kind of light meets your needs, then this is definitely suitable for you.

But let me warn you because you must use it according to your needs. Different situations require different kinds of practice for light therapy.

2. Red Light Therapy

An increasing number of people are beginning to have difficulties regarding sleep.

As we keep encompassing digital media and their screens, we keep on revealing ourselves to harmful blue light emitting from these very devices.

The blue light emanating from these digital devices deceive our brains into thinking it is daytime, whereas it is not.

It’s disturbing for several reasons, the top reason being sleep deprivation or disorder.

In this regard, red light therapy promises to make it up for the loss that we incurred from prolonged exposure to blue light. It also comes with other health benefits such as:

  • It helps our hair grow by stimulating the skin underneath and can fight off baldness.
  • It nourishes our body to repair the damage caused by the sun.
  • It helps our body to improve blood circulation.
  • It aids you by holding back the wrinkles and gives you younger-looking skin.
  • It supports our body to detoxify, turning on the lymphatic system.

Beware, because you can easily get distracted as there are many red light products in the market that promise to do the trick.

But, those red lightboxes or devices do not even emit red light, to begin with. They rather tint the blue light of natural lights.

Though these lights will relieve the unfavorable effects of blue light emission, it doesn’t carry the health interests of actual red light.

Scientists have published numerous papers regarding the Red Light Therapy, explaining that it can really improve the lifestyle of an individual looking to stay healthy!

So if you are one of those who can benefit from the many perks of red light therapy, then it is suitable for you.

3. UV Light Therapy

We have noticed how UV light is often used in labs and other facilities to help guide doctors and scientists alike.

It was only a recent discovery that UV light can be used for something that would benefit our own health.

Even food companies are not too far behind when it comes to taking advantage of this breakthrough in UV Light Therapy.

They sterilize their food before packaging or canning with the help of this device. Here are some of the perks that UV

Light Therapy can have on your body:

  • It ensures you improved oxygen absorption in the body.
  • It can treat skin conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne Vulgaris, Psoriasis.
  • It helps stretch blood vessels, improving circulation.
  • It helps the immune system to keep intact.
  • It aids newborn babies to fight jaundice.

This therapy can vary from wavelengths to wavelengths. So you should notice when the wavelengths of it become too short.

You should be beware; otherwise, it could turn into an x-ray. If the benefits of this kind of light therapy fit you, then it should suit you.

To Wrap It Up

Light therapy methods have been recommended by experts all over the world.

They are being supported for their apparent benefits on our bodies and day to day life.

These light therapies are inexpensive, making it convenient for some people.

There are a lot of myths and conspiracies surrounding light therapy.

These assumptions are there to push back the prosperity of science and human wellbeing.

There are hundreds of scientific research done to back the health benefits of these devices.

So, if you find them suitable for use, don’t hesitate!

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