Pros and cons of studying in Caribbean medical schools

Pursuing a career in medicine is a great choice that not only offers stability but also brings in a lot of job satisfaction.

Students who are planning to become physicians start looking for good medical schools early into their career.

While opting for U.S. med schools is often the first choice for many, it is immensely difficult to secure a seat due to stringent admission requirements.

Hence, studying in Caribbean school medical has emerged out to be a great career move for medical aspirants.

Not only do med schools in the Caribbean island offer top-quality education but it is also easier to gain acceptance there.

If you are still wondering over your options then here are some factors that can help you in your decision-making.

Why choose a Caribbean medical school? 

The idea of studying in the beautiful Caribbean is certainly tempting.

But the place also delivers in terms of providing excellent education.

Some strong reasons that make Caribbean medical school such a favorable choice are:

The easy student selection process – To be able to commence your career as a medical professional, you should be able to get admission in a medical school.

In the Caribbean, you will find an easy admission process where deserving candidates with slightly lesser GPAs and MCAT scores are accepted.

This means a 40% better shot at a successful career which is not possible with any other med school.

Clinical rotations – Getting a global experience is important for medical students especially those who are planning to apply for residency in the U.S.A.

Many reputed medical schools in the Caribbean offer clinical rotations in various foreign countries including the USA.

This helps students to get a global experience and build on their skills and knowledge.

Diversity –  Caribbean medicals schools have been popular all over the globe due to the valuable education they offer.

Medical students from various countries enroll in these schools to give their career a great start which in turn makes the Caribbean a wonderfully diverse set.

Hence, you will find the place to be very friendly and the overall environment highly conducive to learning.

English as a medium of instruction – Another great part of studying in the Caribbean is that you don’t have to struggle with any language barrier.

The medical schools here use English as the medium of instruction making it easier for foreign students to study in the Caribbean.

Exciting student life – If you thought life at the Caribbean was laid back and slow then think again.

The place is jam-packed with multiple events ranging from cricket matches to mountain biking.

Also, many other activities like swimming or snorkeling can be individually pursued for fun and relaxation.

Cons of Caribbean medical schools 

While the Caribbean medical schools come with many benefits, they do have their share of cons.

Though, the disadvantage can be easily overcome and does not impact your education here.

High competition – While getting into Caribbean medical school is relatively easier. But you have to apply at the earliest to book your seat.

Many students from all over the world opt for the Caribbean med schools and hence seats can get filled fast.

You have to act quickly to make the most of this opportunity.

If you are a medical student looking for good medical schools then do check out some popular and established Caribbean medical schools like St.

Matthews University that offer degrees in Medicine and veterinary.