How Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Is The Best Method For Hair Removal At Home?

Body hair is a very personal part on the body and it sometimes gets into undesired locations.

More than 80 percent of men and women face a problem with unwanted hair at some point.

Getting a perfectly smooth and silky hairless body is a time-consuming task.

Fortunately, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a better method to get rid of unsightly hair at home compared to other options. Read on to discover how.

Using IPL for hair remover

Using similar technology like laser hair removal, an IPL device allows removing unwanted hair at home instead of going to a spa for laser treatment.

These devices are FDA approved for safe hair removal at home. An IPL device removes hair by impairing growth of hair follicles leading to permanent hair removal.

It is important that you invest in a quality device that will give you the best results and work efficiently much longer.

Parts of the body suitable for IPL hair removal

Using IPL hair removal is appropriate anywhere on the body. Ensure to hit a small area to check the skin’s response.

Afterward, you can use the device on a bigger area after getting the feel.

This device is ideal for use from the cheekbones down. Avoid using an IPL device too close to the eyes, on eyebrows, and head hair.

For hairs on the face, you have to use IPL safety glasses and take safety precautions.

This device permanently eliminates unwanted hair from areas including:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Armpits
  • Stomach
  • Shoulders
  • Bikini area

For more effective IPL at home choose a device which painlessly eliminates hair in areas including bikini line, back, legs, and axila.

It should also come with a skin sensor for more safe skin treatment with variable light energy levels.

This encourages more effective treatment and usability. The device should come with a user manual to coach you through using IPL for the first time.

Using IPL over other home hair removal options


Most people are used to removing hair through cutting off the growth point with a shaver.

This requires taking a warm shower about 5 minutes before the process.

Additionally, exfoliating the work area is necessary before shaving for a closer and cleaner shave.

However, IPL doesn’t need any of those prior preparations.

Shaving has a risk of cuts, scrapes, takes too much time, and requires regular use since the hair is likely to regrow after a few days.

An IPL device is a better solution for consuming less time and offering permanent results.

Hair removal creams

Other people use topical creams to eliminate unwanted hair.

These break down hair above skin level make it easy to wipe off. However, a patch test is required before using a hair removal cream.

This ensures that the cream won’t cause a burning or itching sensation when applied to a larger area.

You are likely to spend more on purchasing creams regularly and sending time testing on the patch area.

Although IPL also requires getting a feel, it’s faster and more convenient with no chance of wastage.

How does an IPL device work?

 An IPL device has various light wavelengths unlike laser hair treatment with a single wavelength.

The light wavelengths of an IPL device are attracted to chromophores responsible for creating your hair color.

The device doesn’t cut the hair but just zaps it with an intense light beam.

This damages the hair follicle growth center disabling ability to regrow. However, the surrounding skin cells and tissues remain unharmed.

The best thing about using an IPL device is the ability to use heat for burning hairs from tip to base painlessly.

The inbuilt skin sensor adjusts to match your skin color. Additionally, a quality device comes with variable light intensity for a more effective treatment.

This allows removing unwanted hairs seamlessly at home before stepping out.

Bottom line

To avoid the discomfort of moving with unwanted hair, an IPL device is a smart investment.

This allows eliminating hair from any body part seamless without pain or scrapes.

You have to invest in a quality device with an inbuilt skin sensor for performance that matches your skin.

It should also have variable energy levels for customized performance.



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