Ghost Your Way to Fitness : A Thought

Physical fitness goes a long way in ensuring you improve your health. It keeps you fit while keeping most diseases at bay.

This should be motivation to get into a training routine. If not, there are tons of other inspirational points to working out.

It could be the dopamine that comes after a good workout or the results you notice in your body.

It is difficult to stay active; it requires discipline and commitment.

Therefore, before starting the exercise regime, you need to set realistic, achievable, and time-bound fitness goals.

These goals will act as more motivation to keep you going with your training sessions.

Physical training alone cannot make you achieve your body goals.

You will need to incorporate other nutrition aspects.

Consider consulting your nutritionist or physical trainer on how you can achieve your fitness goals.

The nutrition experts will come up with an excellent dietary requirement after understanding your goals – be it losing fat, gaining muscles or gaining weight.

The change in your diet will make the fitness journey easily achievable.

Contrary to the belief that physical exercise is what gives you the right body shape, researchers have proven that your diet accounts for 75% of your fitness journey.

Besides having a good diet, some essential nutrients cannot be received from food.

This is where supplements come in. You need to look for fat burning supplements that help you achieve your goals.

The market has a list of supplements that have proven to be effective in workouts. 

Why do you need supplements?

Supplements are essential as they help reduce unwanted weight while building muscles.

During exercises, muscles are mainly broken down.

To avoid muscle wasting, you need to ensure that your body balances muscle protein breakdown and synthesis.

Thus, the amino acids obtained from the supplements will be used in muscle protein synthesis.

Alternatively, the supplements can be used to inhibit muscle protein breakdown.

According to studies, 40% of the body’s amino acid need is obtained from supplements.

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Stack up

When starting your fitness journey, ensure you get the best supplements in the market.

There are three major types: whey protein, legend, and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).

Whey protein is subcategorized according to its protein content. The whey hydrolysate has the least protein composition.

Hydrolysate follows this, and to isolate has the highest protein content.

The high-protein composition is a result of processing that uses acid, heat, and enzymes.

In most whey protein, all these components are included.

Thus, increasing the supplement’s efficacy.

Because of this high-protein content, a scoop of whey protein contains 130 calories with 25g of proteins.

Therefore, do not intake high amounts of the supplement but instead stick to the recommended dietary allowances, which is two scoops of a supplement in 0.3 litres of water.

How whey protein helps with weight loss?

Enhances metabolism

Whey protein’s major ingredient is leucine, which is a branched-chain amino acid.

Since BCAAs are linked with weight loss, the product will stimulate the body to burn more calories, hence the weight loss.

Reduces hunger and appetite

You can gain weight by constantly eating highly calorific foods.

Therefore, to achieve your desired body weight and shape, you need to watch your dietary intake.

Whey protein uses this principle to aid in weight loss.

It contains amino acids, which, when absorbed into the bloodstream, reduce your food intake.

This is because amino acids stimulate the production of satiety and anorexigenic hormones.

Furthermore, the body will not absorb the branched-chain amino acid with the ingested whey protein, leading to a regulated energy intake.

Thermic effect

Whey protein utilizes more calories than other sources of food, therefore, leading to high heat dissipation.

The high heat production will aid in burning more fats, leading to weight loss.

You need to have sufficient energy to help you complete the daily exercises.

Therefore, you should consider using a pre-workout supplement to supply the requisite energy for the exercise.

It is recommended to use Ghost Legend, which is a pre-workout supplement giving twice the energy other supplements give.

This is because it uses L-citrulline amino acid instead of the conventional citrulline malate.

You should take only two spoons of the supplement before starting your workout. 

The branched-chain amino acid contains leucine, isoleucine and valine in a ratio of 2:1:1, respectively.

The BCAA is fused with astragin, which makes it quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

After absorption, the leucine present in the supplement helps the muscles burn more calories than fat, thereby increasing the body’s metabolism.

Additionally, leucine facilitates anabolism through the formation of new tissues, cells and muscles.

Generally, BCAA reduces muscle soreness by decreasing protein breakdown during the workout, decreasing hormone creatine kinase, which is responsible for muscle damage.

The daily recommended dietary allowance of Ghost BCAA is a scoop, which translates to 5 calories.

If you have a higher energy requirement, it is ideal to use Ghost Amino.

Ghost Amino doubles up the calories to 10 calories per formulation even though it contains one gram of BCAA less than a scoop of the branched-chain amino acid.

Its ingredients include amino acids, calcium, potassium, raw coconut water and sodium.

Pack up on the supplements

According to recommended standards, if you are huge bodied, you can use supplements incorporated with allowable doses of beta-alanine, epicatechin, astragin, creatine and betaine.

The astragin enhances the absorption of the supplement, while the epicatechin is critical for building muscles. 


This article helps you understand why you need to find the necessary motivation to succeed in your fitness routine, helping you keep your eye on the prize.

In this case, the prize is healthier and fitter you. In your fitness routine, you must complement physical exercises with a good diet and supplements.

These provide additional nutrients to attain your desired body goals.

The most used supplements are BCAA and whey protein; these help reduce weight and build muscle mass.

For great results, you will need to stick to the daily recommended dietary allowance.