Discover The Ugly Truth About CBD And Drug Tests

Employers usually ask employees to take a drug test for various reasons. This is especially true for jobs like operating heavy machinery and driving trucks.

A test is mandatory to ensure that the employee is not working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Other jobs where you might be asked to take a drug test include police officers, working with young children, in the medical field, pilots, and firefighters. Qualifying for such positions requires passing a drug test.

What is tested for during a drug test?

Employers usually have 5 to 10 panels for conducting drug tests. These involve screening for drugs including:

  • THC
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Barbiturates
  • Amphetamines

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the multiple cannabinoids in cannabis.

This psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant makes users get high. Most drug tests usually screen for THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid in marijuana without the psychoactive properties that make users go high like THC.

CBD causes no impairment making it not to be tested for during drug tests.  

Using CBD before a drug test

It is safe to use a CBD 500Mg Vape  cartridge with zero THC before a drug test.

The THC is removed through a chromatography process. Always ensure to verify that your CBD product has no THC or about 0.3 percent making it possible to pass a drug test.

The right supplier should offer laboratory results of all their products showing the THC content in their products.

You will be in a better position to choose CBD products that won’t put you at risk of failing the drug test.

When are drug tests conducted

Employers might conduct different drug tests for CBD. Others usually require drug screening during the pre-employment stage. Many random tests are done afterward.

The employer might also request you to take a drug test when you are suspected of using drugs.

To benefit from the various health benefits of CBD products , check that you get purchases from a supplier who publishes their laboratory results on their website.

This allows using only THC free CBD products to avoid losing your job on failing the drug test.  

Passing drug tests while using CBD

Working for an employer who usually conducts random drug tests, ensure to stick to THC free CBD products.

Taking full-spectrum hemp with traces of THC might make you fail the drug test and lose your job.

Legal hemp from the cannabis plant has less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC and has no risk of making you high after use.

Employment drug tests detect very small THC and taking CBD with more than 0.3 percent is very risky.

The THC molecule is fat-soluble remains in the body for some days or weeks. The chances of THC showing up in the drug test depends on factors including:

  • Activity level
  • Frequency of use
  • Dose concentration
  • Body composition
  • Genetics and metabolism

What you can do after failing a drug test

If you are not careful with the CBD products you use, you might fail the drug test. The next thing to do is to talk to your employer.

There is a growing revolution of using CBD products as a remedy for various health complications.

You might have a chance that your employer acknowledges these too. The employer might accept your explanation and keep you on the job.

To avoid getting into risky situations always stick to THC free CBD products.

Alternatively, you should consider using CBD isolate products. These are a good idea since the CBD might be differentiated from other cannabinoids.

CBD isolate products come with undetectable THC levels to guarantee to get positive results after a drug test.

This will allow benefiting from the various CBD benefits while not having to worry about passing drug tests.

Why the choice of CBD supplier matters

Growing demand for CBD products has led to flooding the market with various products.

However, you should be careful when selecting a supplier for your CBD product

Products available everywhere including health food stores, retail boutique, online, and gas stations might not have gone through the standard testing protocol.

Additionally, their labeling might be questionable including missing the level of THC in the package.

To avoid vaping more THC than you should, always choose a reputable CBD brand.

Apart from publishing laboratory results of all their products, the company should have a full description of their products.

A reputable brand offers products that pass strict testing and quality control standards.

The company should also have a membership to organizations like the Hemp Industries Association and Vapor Technology Association.

Bottom line

Having an employer who requires drug tests should not prevent you from using CBD for its various health benefits.

Ensure to choose a reputable supplier with products free from THC. This will ensure that you always pass drug tests while continuing to use CBD products.



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