Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico: the Average Estimation

The cost of surrogacy is high as it concerns people’s health.

In Mexico, it depends on the service and program you choose. It may range from $73,000 to $107,000.

You may order a regular program, fixed program, or unlimited program.

To get a reliable surrogacy in Mexico for that price, you may address the World Center of Baby.

The price of surrogacy for foreigners is a bit higher than for local people.

It may also depend on the extra features you order. For example, shipping of the biomaterial may cost more.

Surrogacy in Mexico: What is Important?

For some time, surrogacy in Mexico was not medically reliable.

That’s why now, there are a lot of legal restrictions and the cost is high. Some states, such as Tabasco State, forbade the service.

Yet, in other states, it is legal. There are a lot of centers and programs. Surrogacy is the most popular in Mexico City, Cancun, and Quinta Roo.

Gay couples also have the right to order a surrogate mother. There is no discrimination against LGBT families. 

A single parent may also order the service and have a child. Mexico is one of the most popular places where LGBT couples find the service.

Gestational surrogacy is more popular than traditional one. It means that the surrogate mother is not connected biologically to the child.

Surrogacy Agency in Mexico: How to Choose the Best Clinic?

Giving birth to a child needs great responsibility. It is a significant concern for future parents. Where to find the best surrogacy clinic in Mexico?

The World Center of Baby offers you reliable medical services for surrogacy. You may look through the website and order a free consultation.

Read the information on a forum to get some advice. The agency has all the necessary certificates and permission to deliver a child.

The future parents may contact the surrogate mother during the pregnancy period. Yet, egg donors do not give their names. You may order an egg or sperm from Caucasian or Latin people.

After giving birth to the child, the surrogate mother signs a contract. Then, the future parents may get their child. Surrogate mothers live in Mexico during all the pregnancy. They have great support from the World Center of Baby.

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Surrogacy Laws in Mexico: Pros and Cons

Surrogacy in Mexico is legal and popular. What are the legal features of surrogacy services in Mexico?

  1. The laws support the people who cannot make a child biologically
  2. Surrogacy and treatment are much cheaper than in other countries
  3. Yet, there are many limitations on the service
  4. One of Mexico states does not permit surrogacy for foreign families. So, it is important to look through the law of Mexico and your state. Not everyone has the right to order a surrogate mother in Mexico

Despite the restrictions, Mexico is a perfect country for those who want to have a child.