Brief Guide: The Importance of First Aid for Teenagers

The teenage stage is the window where we all learn the things that transform us to who we really are.

Unfortunately, many things might go wrong on this stage that without proper guidance we could all fall into a dark abyss.

Parents have had to live with the hope that their teenage kids will take care of themselves from diseases and accidents too.

There is no proper guarantee that your child will be safe but the best we could do is talk to them and enroll them for first aid lessons.

As indicated above, most things happen during the teenage years and that is why best online CPR training is necessary for every single teenager out there. Here are the reasons why:-

A Lot Could Happen During Parties

Almost all teenagers love the high life with music and drugs. A little fun is never wrong but a lot of things could go so wrong when caught up in the moment.

Among the most common causes of accidents during parties are the fights. Without a first aider, one could easily lose consciousness and worse still their lives over a fight.

Having an experienced first aid teenager is a better precaution to approaching the party with care.

Watching your friend in pain and being unable to offer any form of first aid help to them can be very devastating which is why as a teenager, you have to ensure you know your way around first aid tools.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is also rising on the list as a leading cause for injuries among teenagers. One too many bottles and one may end up losing control of their bodies.

With drugs anything could happen, for instance, overdosing, losing consciousness, violence and even playing dangerous games.

A first aider is really instrumental in case any physical harm comes to any addicted colleagues around them.

Drug users have impaired perception and may even draw their joy from risky engagements.

Call for medical help first before attending to a drug abuse victim.

Check for consciousness and breathing or pulse before administering any help.

CPR and chest compressions can then follow to help resuscitate the victim while waiting for professional help.

Road Trip Accidents

Accidents are unprecedented however we can all do our best to avoid them. Camping and road trips are common ventures for most teens.

This goes beyond saying that most of these teens may be underage to drive or a smaller percentage may be driving under the influence of a drug.

Since road accidents can be fatal, call emergency helplines immediately or have someone next to you do it.

This gets you the help you need to save the victims’ lives after controlling bleeding and doing primary dressing of wounds.

First aid training teaches you not just to be a first aider but also look confident while doing so.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Drowning and falling in swimming pools is a frequent news headline in most stations.

Drowned victims need resuscitation to get water out of their lungs. With CPR training you could do more than just that, you can save their lives!

Chest compressions help get the water out of their chest whereas the mouth to mouth CPR is necessary for restoring their breath.

Swimming pool falls, on the other hand, may need dressing, cleaning cuts and at times sterilizing.

Major accidents should, however, be reported to the authorities upon happening for faster response.


Asthma attacks only worsen when people start panicking. As a teen first aider, you can be able to contain the situation and administer help to the victim.

Maintaining calmness is in order and finding or buying an inhaler for the victim is the actual solution.

Remember you can only purchase an inhaler over a counter with a valid and proven prescription from a doctor.

Height Falls

These are some of the worst injuries that teens may get. Reports have it that most teens get admitted frequently from height falls.

Since most falls end up in causing broken bones or spinal injury, work on keeping their air pathway open and avoid working on the spine.

Do CPR if unconscious but always ensure you have dialed for emergency help in such a case as you may not be well equipped to handle the situation.

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