What to Expect from a Family Dentist

If you are weighing up the idea of opting for a family dentist rather than a general dentist, there are many benefits that you may be unaware of. Family dentists do differ from a general dentist, and it is worth considering which is more suitable based on personal requirements. Separating contentment from decision-making can leave dental care holding negative connotations, so it is crucial that you find somewhere that will be a pleasant experience for the whole family.

A family dentist is worth considering because they offer…

Treatment for Patients of All Ages

Holding extra qualifications, family dentists often specialize in all age groups, ranging from infants, children, and teenagers to adults and elderly family members. This is unlike general dentists, who may not concentrate on particular age groups. This means that you do not have to worry about registering your family with multiple dentists to get the best care. Instead, you can all be booked into the same practice, which is much more convenient and will be in your family’s best interest throughout all stages of life.

General and Preventative Dental Care

You can expect a Family Dental Practice to offer an extensive list of services, including regular cleaning and fluoride treatments, cavity identification and filling, sealants, orthodontics, and other treatments for oral health issues or dental problems. It is likely that they will offer your whole family all that you could ever need for maintaining good dental hygiene. Access to satisfactory Preventative Dental Care is a vital part of evading tooth decay and gum disease, which can become life-threatening and require emergency treatment.

Detection of Dental Problems

Frequent visits to the family emergency dentist in Elgin with your family can give you peace of mind that you are not missing any signs indicative of problems to come, by screening your mouth and teeth, performing X-rays and examinations, they will observe to check for harm or injury and prepare a plan going forward based on the results, to put your mind at ease.

Schedule Flexibility

As your entire household can be registered and access dental care at the same practice, this prevents the need for multiple appointments causing difficulty with your schedules. Ordinarily, families attend together to get through each of their check-ups all at once, saving a lot of time with individual slots on various days. Another benefit of family dentists is that they are usually flexible with appointments and will help to find a suitable time for you to book in.

It is easy to search for an available Asheville family dentist or one in your area to register with a family dentist and improve the next dental experience for your whole household.

Stronger Relationship with Your Family Dentist

Having the opportunity for your family to become familiar with your St George dentist by visiting together regularly can often alleviate anxiety about needing to attend for an emergency or treatment. You will likely find that family visits comfort your children as they learn from seeing their parents and grandparents set an example on staying calm during the process. Family dentists endeavour to get to know your family on a deeper level and understand how they can make appointments less stressful and more relaxed for everyone involved. Generally, if registered from a young age, a patient will stay with the same dentist from childhood to adulthood, which contributes to it becoming an even more positive atmosphere.

Side note: You can also have all dental care records for your family tracked in one place for future access to counter the need to contact multiple practices to gain the information that you need.

Advice and Education

Who better to pick up knowledge from than those who are experts? Since family dentists specialize in all age groups, you will receive guidance on your routines for monitoring and maintaining optimal dental care in between check-ups, at your bequest, receiving instructions on the perfect daily oral care, toothpaste and toothbrushes, diet, and lifestyle changes that can affect your teeth; you may discover that there are patterns to drop and others to adopt.

The ultimate difference between a family dentist and a general dentist is that the latter offers less expertise in specific areas, and rather has generalized capabilities. A family dentist can address your oral health during each stage in your life using their extensive training.

This is not to say that a general dentist would not offer a satisfactory service of helping you to maintain a healthy mouth; rather that choosing a family dentist can allow all your family’s needs to be met in one location, with the least possible visits a year. If you decide that you want to experience check-ups as a family, you will not be disappointed with having all the services you could possibly need for your family at the same dental practice.