Braces are some of the most common dental corrective devices in use today. They fall under a branch of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry. Professionals in this area of dental medicine specialize in dental treatments geared toward improving the appearance of your teeth, gums or bite. Hence, the advantages of invisible braces and their specialty focuses on enhancing and restoring function, comfort, and aesthetics.

As mentioned above, braces are orthodontic devices whose primary purpose is to restore tooth alignment and shape. There are four types of dental braces:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Clear braces
  • Invisible braces

This article gives a more in-depth summary of the workings and advantages of invisible braces.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are a modern iteration of the traditional brace dentists often use in their daily practice. They serve the same purpose as typical tooth braces: reposition the jaw, fix tooth alignment, and correct overcrowding or too much spacing. However, the development of invisible braces resulted from customer demand for more discreet dental correction devices.

Invisible braces have become a popular option among many patients who need cosmetic orthodontic work. The premier devices available on the market today are Invisalign® braces. Since their Australian launch in February 2002, Invisalign braces have only become more in demand, and as a result, more than 890.000 people are fitted with these devices to date.

Invisalign’s renown is based on the advantages its use presents. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Improved dental structure

Your dental structure affects a significant portion of your lifestyle and habits. For example, having the ideal dental structure ensures that you maintain optimum chewing capabilities and enhances your smile’s appearance. In addition, it is not only easier to brush and floss straight teeth but also to reduce wear and tear. And not to mention the more limited degradation over time.

All these outcomes demonstrate the prevalent reliance on proper dental structure and the effect that misalignment will have. These benefits thus make it clear why improved dental structure is such an important advantage of using invisible braces.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

One of the primary drawbacks of using traditional metal braces is their prominent appearance. This attribute made many people wary and anxious about wearing dental braces as they can draw unwanted attention. Conversely, invisible braces are unobtrusive and not easy to notice when placed on the teeth. As a result, you get to maintain some aesthetic appeal. You can also get a confidence boost as the corrections become more evident.

  1. Quick and visible progress

Speaking of visible corrections, wearing Invisalign braces makes it easier to track your treatment. This benefit is an offshoot of the 3D imaging technology that dentists use with the device, which allows you to visualise your treatment from start to finish.

Invisalign uses clear aligners in place of brackets and wires. These aligners are designed to conform to your teeth over time, thus facilitating correction. However, they require some adjustment throughout the treatment period. Depending on your treatment plan, your dentist executes these alterations at specific points.

Based on your case’s severity, the durations for Invisalign treatment plans vary from 6 to 24 months. However, the current established average is 12 months.

  1. Unlimited dietary options

Unfortunately, food and traditional braces don’t go well together. Using them means you must avoid those foods that are likely to get stuck or entangled in the wires or brackets (like candy, bone-in meat and hard-crusted bread). But, the advantages of using invisible/Invisalign braces make you skirt this drawback. With invisible braces, you have the freedom to continue consuming all your favorite foods without having to make a list of things to keep away from. The only caveat is that you must remove your braces while eating.

In conclusion, invisible braces offer you the best of both worlds. When you opt for them, you get the chance to enact valuable orthodontic treatment without sacrificing your appearance or comfort.