4 Oral Hygiene Mistakes You Might Be Making

You brush your teeth after meals, go for dental check-ups at the dental clinic Parramatta, and even replace your toothbrush every three to four months. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common Oral Hygiene Mistakes that you do.

But one consultation with your dentist on oral hygiene dos and don’ts will leave you agape.

Moreover, you may find yourself guilty of not one but a few mistakes.

These may include how you brush, or the period you take in clearing those particles off.

This article will take you through some of the common mistakes we make regarding dental hygiene that no one will tell you about.

Using a wrong toothbrush

Unless when getting a toothbrush for your child, it sounds uncanny to include this in our list.

We often think that hard-bristled brushes are perfect for doing away with all the food particles between our teeth.

Nevertheless, it is very wrong as these toothbrushes may injure our gums and teeth.

Soft-bristled brushes are recommended.

They are not only tender but serve the purpose without causing any harm.

Vigorous brushing

If your friends or family keep telling you to go easy on your teeth during your oral hygiene sessions, you may be unaware of the problems you might be causing in the long run.

Brushing too hard may get rid of your hard enamel, leaving your teeth sensitive due to the exposure.

Unlike the skin, it cannot restore itself.

That’s not even all. It may also damage your gums and make you look odd, which will do away with that million-dollar smile.

Even worse, your roots may also be exposed, leading to tooth decay and more visits to the dentist if the habit does not cease.

Incorrect flossing

Although we like to give the toothbrush a lot of credit, it is not as effective as flossing.

Flossing get rids of plaque that the brush may not be wired for.

When plaque accumulates between your teeth and in the gum line, it may bring about complications such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Therefore, it is important to floss correctly. 

It can be done by ripping a length of forty-five to fifty centimeters of floss and pulling it tightly with your thumbs and first fingers.

Tenderly slide the floss on every side of the gum line and between every tooth.

The catch here is to efficiently clean your gum line, which we often find ourselves doing wrong. 

Should you use the same floss throughout your dental formula?

You shouldn’t. Instead, make a change whenever you move to the next pair of teeth. Sounds hectic, right?

But adequate for good oral hygiene. Is there a recommended frequency of flossing?

Just once is enough to last you for twenty-four hours.

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Tips for Personal Dental Hygiene

The amount of time you spend brushing

You are probably late for work.

Just a minute to your brushing session, and you can’t wait to rinse your dental best friend and put it away as you head for the office.

Unknowingly, you might do this regularly. Is it even harmful? Sure. 

As per the Australian Dental Association, you might be on the right side when it comes to brushing your teeth twice a day.

Nonetheless, they also recommend that every session lasts for at least two minutes.

Breaking it down, you should attend to every quarter of your mouth for at least thirty seconds.

It sounds easy as pie until you time yourself.

To get you started, you could listen to your favorite song as you brush.

Or better yet, get one of your family members to do it with you.

With time, you slowly get used to it and won’t need anything to get you through.

Disorders caused by Poor Oral Health

Fortunately, you can prevent most of these conditions. They include:

Heart Disease

Unknown to most, poor oral hygiene leads to cardiovascular diseases.

Just as bacteria causes gum disease, it may take the high road and go for the heart instead.

As plaque accumulates in our teeth, it could get into the bloodstream.

Once it is in excess, it stiffens in the arteries.

This condition is called atherosclerosis.

Afterward, you may experience a heart attack.

So much for the lack of oral hygiene!


Believe it or not, ladies, poor oral health may take away the joy of holding your baby in your arms.

It is due to gum infection, which subsequently brings about other issues like keeping you from getting pregnant.

If you are lucky to cross this bridge, you may have pregnancy complications.

Kidney Complications

Even though it is unclear, poor oral health could also cause kidney failure.

On the other hand, an affected kidney contributes to issues in your blood pressure, heart, and bones.


Once your gums are infected, the bacteria may target your brain cells and bloodstream. As a result, you may realize that you tend to forget things faster and blame it on growing older.

However, doing the following should get your dental formula in shape:

  • As you brush your teeth, ensure you arm yourself with toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride
  • Avoid smoking
  • Try to make it a habit to floss once every day
  • Always eat a balanced diet
  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily


Finding the best dental clinic Parramatta may pose a challenge, especially if you are looking for general and cosmetic dentistry.

The good thing about a dental clinic whose staff meet the requirements is that they can provide several solutions for you to choose from when it comes to caring for your oral health.

In turn, it gets that smile rolling!