What Do Staffing Agencies Look For?

Are you interested in being part of school staffing? You may be unsure of what do staffing agencies look for, though. We’re here to help you there.

Staffing Agencies Want People Who Have a Clear Vision

Whether the agency is looking to fill a teacher’s spot, an administrative role, a paraprofessional role, or even a school nurse’s position, they want people who have a clear idea of what they want to do at the school. This can help them match the correct person to the school that would suit them best. That way, it will be a winning scenario for everyone who is involved.

They Would Love to Place Specialists

There are people in the educational job market who have a broad skill set. There is nothing wrong with that, but those who have expertise in a specific area could get more attention from those recruiters. A school could be looking for someone who would fit that criteria perfectly, which could also possibly mean a higher rate of pay.

They Want People Who Are Also Willing to Learn

Some people who apply may have strengths in certain parts, but they may also be weak in other areas. Those people could also learn some classroom management techniques at these staffing agencies, which would greatly improve their ability to fulfill all the duties of their jobs at the schools. The agencies would love to have people who are open-minded in that regard come apply.

Staffing Agencies Want to Send People Who Can Be Long-Term At These Educational Institutes

It can be quite time-consuming to have these people get set up at the schools – like getting email addresses and other things. So having a revolving door would look bad for both the school and the agency. Having staff that lasts a long time is mutually beneficial to them.

That means that the agency will look carefully at each candidate to make sure that they have the best chance of sending the right person. It’s not an exact science, by any means, but an experienced recruiter will have the best gut feel.

Educational staffing agencies are in great demand now due to the field being hit by Covid-19 and many early retirements. They represent the best chance for those positions to be filled again. If they make the right decisions with who they send over, then the real beneficiaries will be the students.