Tips for Dental Receptionists to Increase Sales

A dental receptionist is a person who provides secretarial support to the dental clinic. Generally, when a patient or client first tries to contact a dental clinic, dental receptionists are the first contact with the patient or client. A dental receptionist does not only interact with patients but also performs various other tasks such as receiving and providing patient information, booking appointments, collecting payments, etc. So, a receptionist plays an essential role in increasing sales or service. Here are some tips for dental receptionists to increase sales.

Receive sales training

Proper sales training can bring linguistic and behavioral changes among dentist receptionists. Dental receptionists sales training can help in many ways. Some of them are given below:

  • Boosts confidence for job interviews at the dental office.
  • To convert challenging patients to permanent ones.
  • Showing effective ways to follow-ups.
  • How to Schedule effectively.
  • Presenting financial plans.
  • Manage high volumes of enquiries.

Performing well on cold calling

It is an essential tip for a dental receptionist. A dental receptionist must communicate well with old patients to generate sales or increase services. The same thing applies to new patients also. Elegant conversation and friendly manners can develop good relations with new patients. This way, a dental receptionist can increase both sales and service.

Engaging patients by email

Suppose patients have a great visit to a dental clinic. A dental receptionist might ask patients if they want to sign up for an email list. Receptionists might try to express to patients the value of joining the list. But receptionists must be comfortable and careful while pitching the invitation to the patients. We know email is the most effective and professional way, with lower costs. So, professional email can create dental sales and engage patients.

Proper utilization of other social media

Sometimes patients might try to approach dental clinics using other social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Suppose the social media manager is absent for the time being. At that time, a dental receptionist plays a vital role. Collecting leads is also an essential task for getting the appropriate clients or patients. Social media is the best platform to get these leads. The sales and marketing team can collect these leads in various ways using social media. For example, we know on Facebook, we can run ads to generate desired leads. When the social media manager collects all leads, the dental receptionists start reaching them. Dental receptionists must be prepared for this type of situation. They should have basic knowledge of managing all social media. Dental digital marketing tactics are helpful in that case.

Good posture and behavior

Good posture and manners are one of the qualities of a dental receptionist. Acquiring these is one of the effective strategies of a dental receptionist. A receptionist always smiles on his face during free time or rush hour. But though it is hard, a receptionist should behave well with clients or patients during rush hours. Especially at that time, the skill of a receptionist is understood. Moreover, there needs to be a mindset of working together with others.

Efforts to increase trust

Following on from the previous point, an effort to increase trust is an excellent tip for customer-facing dental receptionists over the phone.

A detailed discussion with a patient helps to build their trust by Asking questions, making a connection and finding out more about their previous experiences and treatments. So, It is wise to be adaptable and show that you care about patients; you will have a better customer-patient experience.

We hope these tips will help a dental receptionist to generate more dental sales or services.