Water & Electrolyte Quiz 1 | Biochemistry Quiz | Medical Quiz


Ques. The total body water in various subjects is relatively constant when expressed as percentage of the lean body mass and is about

Ques. The percentage of water contained in the body of an individual is less because of

Ques. In intracellular compartment the fluid present in ml/kg body weight is about

Ques. In extra cellular compartment, the fluid present in ml/kg of body weight is about

Ques. Fluid present in dense connective tissue and cartilage in ml/kg body weight is about

Ques. The total body water in ml/kg body weight in average normal young adult male is about

Ques. The fluid present in bones which can not be exchanged readily because of relative avascularity is about

Ques. Water derived in gm from complete oxidation of each gm of carbohydrate is about

Ques. The oxidation of 100 gm of fat yields

Ques. Each gm of protein on complete oxidation yields


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