Nucleic Acids - Quiz 2 | Biochemistry Quiz | Medical Quiz


Q1. Uracil and ribose form

Q2. The most abundant free nucleotide in mammalian cells is

Q3. The mean intracellular concentration of ATP in mammalian cell is about

Q4. The nucleic acid base found in mRNA but not in DNA is

Q5. In RNA moleule ‘Caps’

Q6. In contrast to eukaryotic mRNA, prokaryotic mRNA

Q7. The size of small stable RNA ranges from

Q8. The number of small stable RNAs per cell ranges from

Q9. In RNA molecule guanine content does not necessarily equal its cytosine content nor does its adenine content necessarily equal its uracil content since it is a

Q10. The nitrogenous base present in the RNA molecule is


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