Biochemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of chemical processes that are going on in the living body. It forms a bridge between biology and chemistry by studying how complex chemical reactions and chemical structures give rise to life and life’s processes. Biochemistry incorporates everything in between a molecule and a cell and all the interactions between them.

Biochemistry essentially remains the study of the structure and functions of cellular components such as Enzymes and cellular organelles and the processes carried out both on and by the macromolecules – Carbohydrates, Fats and especially the Proteins, Vitamins etc.

The goal of biochemists is to describe in molecular terms the structures, Mechanisms and chemical processes shared by all organisms, providing organizing principles that underlie life in all its diverse forms.

Biochemistry plays a vital role in making a person’s life better in every possible way. The applied disciplines of biochemistry are more valuable for the benefits of peoples. It plays an important role in explaining the possible causes of various diseases or disorders and also their ideal treatment.

Moreover, the knowledge of biochemistry is also important in diagnosing a disease by estimating the level of various biomolecules like Enzymes, Hormones, Lipids, and Proteins etc. in the body by which a Pathologist can easily understand the root of disease and therefore implementing the ideal treatment strategy for the complete cure of disease.

In the modern era, people rely on taking various supplements like Multivitamins, Minerals, and Protein shakes etc. for better health in the hectic schedule. All the functions and proper intake of these supplements can only be described in the biochemistry after analyzing the body composition of the person and the need of these supplements for them and thereafter prescribing the ideal supplements to them.

So, Clinical biochemistry plays a vital role in medical science by giving the proper knowledge of biochemical processes that are going on in normal as well as pathological conditions in a living body, their diagnostic methods and ideal treatments for the complete cure of pathological conditions.


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